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Dhanur Bogenschiessen – Das Wissen über den Bogen

Dhanu literally means “bow,” making the word Dhanurveda literally mean “bow knowledge.”

As all Vedic sciences are primarily teachings for the development of full human physical, mental and spiritual potential, it would be a mistake to relegate Dhanurveda as a science of only weaponry and battle strategies. Know more about vedic Archery.

The bow is used in Dhanurveda to teach us how to use the two major life principles that define all of the other Vedic sciences:

To act from within, without a care from without. 

Empowerment with ancient wisdom and modern Science with an integrated system of  Mentaltraining – Soul, Mind, Body and Sport.

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A student comes to his teacher and proclaims with pride: „Master, this year I went through the whole Talmud!“ Whereupon the teacher answers:

„And did you let yourself be penetrated by the Talmud?“

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